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From Jobs to Passions

From Jobs to Passions

Join communities of local people passionate about specific professional subjects (including science, tech & arts).

Local communities provide a sense of belonging and friendship that is difficult to replicate in larger digital communities.

Users and their passions at centre stage

The most interactive users will grow their visibility and be selected to join exclusive national and international communities. Here users can further discover more about their passions, meet more interesting like-minded people and open up professional opportunities.

Users and their passions at centre stage

“Fluttr is the first social network that wants you to rise to your vision. It is a mobile-first platform that helps you meet people with the same interests, to discuss topics you love in a group with people that care about the same things as you.”

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Esperanza Martinez

“Fluttr for me is a door as well as a window. It is like transforming into Alice and finding yourself transported in a Wonderland of professional collaboration.”

- Esperanza Martinez, our most beloved user -